Monday, October 25, 2010

Life...what is life?

Recently, there are so many questions that is circulating and popping up in my mind. Questions like... am I too straight forward and blunt? Am I too verbal? Why is life so complicated? Why is love so complicated and feeling lost.

In such a short time, so much has happened. Frictions, misunderstandings, failed relationships (or so to say), failure to obtain a job for so long. Am I seeing Kuching from another view? Should leave this place? Is it God calling and nudging me to leave this city?

So many questions, but so little answers. Someone you care is not answering your phone and you do not know what is wrong, messages left not replied and it starts to make you think, what went wrong? What is the problem? Was there is misunderstanding somewhere? Gosh I really would love to know.

Life oh life, why oh why do you have to be so harsh. I am currently lost for words. It is time, I guess it is time for a time-out.

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