Friday, August 13, 2010

Sam's big 3

Just last month, Samuel Celebrated his 30th birthday. Since on that they he was traveling and would only be back late in the evening we decided to celebrate it with him right after he arrive. We decided to have the celebration at Mc Gregors, Brighton Square.

So, after Henry and Cuthbert picked up Samuel from the airport, they came over and picked me and it was off to a wild wild celebration of trying to get Sam drunk. We got Sam his favourite cake and before making him drunk, cake cutting ceremony and blowing candles is a must for the birthday boy.

a must have cake for sam
The must have cake
Happy with his cake

Henry's gift for him
The cute bow tie a.k.a ribbon
After that we played some card games, attempting to make birthday boy drunk but... it was such a failure darn!!!! In the end, Bert and Henry was drunk... well Henry was tipsy and Bert was drunk.

Bert & Sam

Henry & Sam

Just for Fun
Cake blowing process

Cake feasting

Errrr.... looks wrong the expression

Group photo

Heineken promoters

We also made a new friend, the waitress name Adele. She was cool, fun and was attentive and tricked Sam too~! Hehehe... After that, we went off to Mc Donalds to have GCB, well Bert had it and Henry had the Chicken. It was a fun filled experience and next year, it will be a must to make him drunk!!!

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