Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Lonesome protester

Yesterday, I was downtown doing some chores. It was a rainy and dull day but this was all washed out when I saw this lonesome protester standing outside CIMB and Standard Chartered bank, holding a white cardboard with hand written words about certain politicians. This lone protester was an old man.

He was not camera shy, when some people stopped by to take photos, he happily adjusted his card to show it to them and posed for them to take a photo. After that, I met with someone who works there and told me that this is not the first time the guy appeared here. He has been doing quite a few times already. As there was no violence and he was an old man, I guess nobody bothered to report him and let him be.

pose, one for the album

A lady chatting with him.

I do wonder... does he not get tired of doing this or standing there for hours? By the way if you can't read what's written on the card. It says

Datuk Yong Khoon Seng adn YB Tan Jooi Phoi Support Con-man and Ah Longs

For your information Datuk in Malaysia is similar to that of Sir status in UK and YB or Yang Berhormat is The Honourable... and Ah Long means illegal money lenders.

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