Tuesday, August 3, 2010

KL here I come~!

*dum...dum... dum...dum* " This is the final call for all passengers boarding Air Asia flight AK 5210, AK 5210 to Kuala Lumpur, please proceed to departure hall A, Gate 3. Thank you"


Yahooooo.....!! I am off for my short vacation before stepping into the challenging working world. Am I excited, well I'll be damn... I am overwhelmed lol as I am not sleepy at all now... which is a bad thing LOL.

An Air Asia Airbus 320-200 sitting on the tarmac @ Kuching International Airport
The iconic Twin Towers @ KL, The Malaysian capital

I will be in KL for a short few days with my fellow buddies. I wish I am able to meet my other friends in KL too, Miss them heaps. Must meet darling Angel and also my cuzzie!! Since it is the Malaysian Mega Sale, I will of course do a bit of shopping too. I'll blog about the trip when I get back. May God Bless me with a safe trip~~!

Yours truly and Miss Angel Valerie
Should do Fish Spa with her again~!

Interview & Work --->

This morning I was asked to do some form fill in and to do a pre-interview assessment in Ernst & Young Kuching. I must admit I was nervous of what I will be tested and I would say it was pretty tough questions. I can only hope that I have done well for it. I really hope and do pray hard that I will be able to get this job, as they have pretty good pay and the working environment is not bad plus I think I may be able to learn a lot of things there. May God bless me though.

Currently I am teaching part-time at PBTJ as a way to kill off my time while I wait for a job offer and also was thinking in line of earning extra income. I do enjoy teaching the students and in a way introduced the students to a new method of teaching, that is using a projector and teaching them through power point slides which so far was good for the first day, which is today. Hopefully, the students understood what I was conveying to them.

That is all for now. Wait up for more posts~! God Bless you all!


Angel Valerie said...


Don't overshop and I pray.


simply Ed said...

You are controller lei

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