Wednesday, January 7, 2009

09 Resolution

Here goes my 2009 resolution.

  • Study hard and Study smart.
  • Spend more time with Jason and Syl (esp syl) since she will be leaving KCH soon.
  • Spend time with flo che che
  • Spend time with Jadey
  • Forget about the painful past
  • Must Must go Gym
  • Spend more time with family
  • Excel in my work (but studies come first)
  • Clear any outstanding debts
  • Get my life straight for once
  • Dye my hair before CNY
  • Buy New Cell Phone (Greedy =(...)
  • Fly to KL and S'pore to spend my new year with cuzzie Syl and my friends.
  • Do not wish to get involve in people's relationship proble
  • Save money!!
  • Live life the fullest
  • Blog more!


Angel Valerie said...

okay, now, those are a lot of resolutions, my dear! more than mine!

simply Ed said...

is it? Is it?
Eh i tot u had more.....

lone said...

=___= aidi~ so many... some didn't know it's necessary o not.

ai~ i saw 1 word that should not exist in your life... "DEBTS"-- since when arr?
Control a bit la.

A more stable work n income still can't make ur life better meh :S

simply Ed said...

debts was from before I got this job. Clearin it off slowly lone...

which not necessary o?