Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I think this blog has been quite dead for some time. I was really busy with work and with life. So much has happened in 2008. Should I say I had a dramatic life?

Friends come and go... made new ones loose some. Crap friends and shit friends. Good friends and friends that are and will always be there for me. I dunno how to explained what I have been through in 2008. All I could say it was a shitty year.

I only can hope 2009 will be a better year. Currently now... I just went through another drama... emotions are so F**ked up now. Sighs....

Well... I'll try hard and do more posting soon....Next would be my resolution for the year!


Lone said...

=____=kinda quiet here...lol... what f up thing messing wit u again?

think it another way round, that might not so tough than u think.

good luck in ur "New Year"

( -___-) b

vivi said...

Edz!!!! Long time no see ..how are you?

Don't worry la, even we didn't contact so often, but u'll always in my mind..hehehe...

Miss the studies time we spend together ..hehe..

Good luck and all the best for ur year 2009 !!

Best Regards always from VIVI