Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Don't you just love seeing those lovely blooms? Well I do, looking at those beautiful flowers just relaxes me. 

Besides planting vegetables, I am also planting some flowers. I was at the market the other day and saw this lady selling this wicked looking rose and decided to buy. I have repotted it and fingers crossed that it will grow well and not die out like my last few roses. 
The funky looking rose from the Market.

This is the rose I got my mum for mother's day... it seems to have mutated...
Besides the roses, I have also planted the lily bulbs I managed to get when I was having my holiday in Australia and they seem to be doing well. 

I put a layer of mulch on top to try and keep the soil cool and less moisture being evaporated as the days gets really hot. So far they seem to be growing well. 

A few days ago I fed them with Blood and Bone Meal fertilisers, hope this will give them a boost, after that I have since moved the plants to a spot where they get more sun but only the morning sun. 

After a few weeks it starts to grow

Gets a little taller

Taller again

One of the plants started to have a bud

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