Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cucumber and Capsicums

Sooooo.... I have not blogged for a year?! Seriously I got that lazy didn't I? Hahaha...

So let's start with my first 2014 blog post with what's in my garden. Before that begins, I reckon my blog now and hopefully onwards will be more on tropical gardening, since I have picked up gardening as my hobby so that will be pretty much it. 

My recent trip to Australia and yielded me with good produce, produce meaning I got heaps and heaps of seeds back to Kuching. I tried to get seeds that might be able to withstand the blaring Malaysian Sun. 

The first post will be pretty much on my cucumbers and capsicums. One of the first seed I planted when I got back was my cucumber telegraph improved type. These are supposedly to have dark green skin colour and not a lot of seeds which is great for salads. 

Cucumber Telegraph Improved
These cucumbers were the fastest to germinate. Took about 3 days for the seed to germinate and now the true leaves are appearing. I planted two of these and will keep you guys updated on the progress. 

Next of are my capsicums or bell peppers. The ones I planted are Californian wonder. I never had much luck with capsicums as they keep getting attack by white flies and aphids which eventually killed the plants. This round I hope that it will make it through. A few plants did die as I over fertilised it by mistake and another few seems to be good (fingers crossed). 

This capsicum looks pretty happy... hopefully it makes it through

They seem to be doing good now and I do find a few annoying white flies underneath the leaves and I just squish it with my thumb. Annoying buggers!!! Will keep you guys posted on the capsicum growth too =)

I will stop here for now. Blessed day peeps =D

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