Sunday, April 10, 2011

A quickie update

The moment I stepped into the 'real' working world life has certainly changed. I would say there are so much unexpected things in life that we might not see.

Working life is good, as a fresh grad I can't say much about the pay but as an accounting graduate this is an opportunity for me to learn a lot of stuff. Whatever I have learn in my books well not all are applicable in the working world but there are still bit and pieces that still can be used.

I am trying my best to work hard and do my best. But not all things has been smooth sailing for me.... this time I chose to keep quiet from office politics but it came attacking me well... one thing I have learned is that in any office you may be in there will always be office politics it all depends on how you want to face it and deal with it. For me I chose to ignore it, give in but not all as I still want to be myself.

Peak season is near now so life is getting hectic. Do I like it? Hell I do, but at this time I do miss some of my best buds ^^

Wish everyone well and God Bless everyone.


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