Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Julie Garwood - Killjoy

After reading a few of Jodi Piccoult's novels, it was high time that I have a changed of authors. Alas, I chose Killjoy by Julie Garwood.

Initially I didn't have much thoughts about this book, but boy was I wronged, the moment I sank my eyes on it I was hooked I tell you. Phew~ Hooo Boy.... No wonder she is the number 1 New York Times bestselling Author and I can vouch for that.


From the very first chapter of the book it was already...exciting!!. The plot was well laid out, and the whole novel was easy to understand. I mean unlike some novels where the plot is everywhere and imagine if you are on a road that is not straight but snaked around, for Julie's it was a perfect straight smooth road which is a pleasure to 'drive'. The storyline was not monotonous at all there are parts which will spring up a surprise to you. Furthermore, the characters in Julie's book was full of life. I am not sure about you guys out there but as I read a novel my mind would create a movie inside and when I read Julie's book it was an instant snap and all the characters are up and moving in my head.

Not only the characters was alive, the way she wrote this book was very descriptive. It was because of this it was even easier to picture it in my mind on how the characters move, talk, their characteristics and more.

Just to arouse your curiosity, here is a short plot summary of the book:

Avery Delaney is not your average woman nor did she led a happy childhood life, after her birth she was abandoned by her rapacious and conniving mother and she was raised by her grandmother and her beloved Aunt Carolyn.
Then, when she was eleven, witnessed her grandmother's violent death, before Avery was shot herself and left for dead. Miraculously she survived. The man responsible is serving time in a Florida prison.

After she grew up she joined the FBI. Her razor sharp mind and ability to decipher evidence have made her an expert crime analyst for the FBI. Now, she will have to use her skills on a case that hits painfully close to home.

Avery's beloved aunt Carolyn was on her way to a posh spa in the Colorado Mountains, but she never arrived at the spa. With scant clues and fewer resources, Avery must track Carolyn down and outmaneuver a brilliant professional killer named Monk, who is part of an elaborate plot of madness and lethal vengeance. While solving the case, Avery accidentally bumped into a guy who she hated right down to her guts. So could Avery be able to solve the case on time and save her beloved aunt and would she the guy she hated so much delay her?

I would give this novel a 9/10. If you want to know the whole story, I would recommend you to get the book. Happy readings~

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