Thursday, April 22, 2010

Snip Snip

It was a high time I need a haircut. It was long on the sides and the back... well the front too.

So off I go for a haircut on last Sunday. Made an appointment but was late...=.=

I usually go to Jantzen at Spring for my haircut and usually will look for Albee to do it as she does a pretty good job on it.

I decided to re-colour my hair again. I don't usually go for really bright colours I like colours that looks natural and my stylist and I decided to go for brown. While browsing through the magazines I found a particular hairstyle which I like and asked the stylist whether would it suit me. She said yes but the down part was I had to leave the front part of my hair uncut, she says it needs to grow thicker in order to look nice... I was thinking...what the heck might as well go for it. After dying it and cutting it the end result was....

Hair colouring process...with the UFO thingy above me hear. =P

Not bad... I quite like it. What is your verdict?




Angel Valerie said...

your front hair is longer than mine. can fight with me liao. now, i've got bangs!

LindaG said...

I think it looks great. :)

simply Ed said...

I know. Coz stylist said the style I want knot cut off the front.

Linda: thanks~