Thursday, April 15, 2010

Expert @ 4.5 mile, Kuching

There is this coffee shop located at 4 1/2 mile that sells pretty good Kolo Mee.I personally felt that Good Kolo Mees are hard to come by these days. Sure there are lots of stalls selling the same stuff but they taste like crap.

But the stall here, if I am not mistaken makes their own noodles, thus, it tastes different and it has a really good texture.

I also found out that they sell good fried carrot cakes here too. Yums!!


The delicious Noodles (above) and fried carrot cakes (Below)


LindaG said...

Home made (as in the noodles) is always better. Makes it worth the extra distance. :)

simply Ed said...

Linda: I totally agree with you. The texture is different too!