Saturday, March 13, 2010

My 2nd round of Blood Donation.

Can anyone of you guess when was the last time I donated my blood? If your answer is 1 year....nah...wrong... if your answer is 2 is also wrong. It has been 4 years!! Yes! 4 freaking years since I last donated my blood. That was back in April 2007. I have been out from the blood donating drive for quite some time and I am back again!

My lil Blood book =D

Before the blood donation, they will have to test your blood pressure and hemoglobin. If everything goes well, you may proceed to donate your blood. A person can donate their blood every 3 months. Note: You can't donate your blood every month. Before you donate your blood, make sure you are not in any sort of medication for the past few months or weeks, not engage in any unhealthy sexual activities and also make sure you get plenty of rest and your feel great on the day of your blood donation.

As for me, everything was fine, blood pressure was good, hemoglobin fine too. So off I went and laid down to give my blood. The funny thing was that my blood is so eager to leave my body. Since the first time I donated, it was easy to search for my blood veins and my blood flow was fast. It took a few mins less than 5? for the bag to fill up.

My Shepherd's virgin attempt in donating his blood. =P

The one thing I hate about blood donation is... the needles... I hate needles...and actually I am bloodphobic (I created this word) . So when I donate blood, I try not to look at it too much or the consequences will be detrimental. LOL.

Well, that is all for now. I hope all of you readers out there can do your share in donating your blood too. Next stop for me ... organ donation!


LindaG said...

I hate needles, too.
Congrats to you on donating. :)

simply Ed said...

Thanks Linda! Hugs