Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yup I am the bad guy. I bring bad example to people?

What to say, what to do? but I will just shrug it off. I am and should be used to this, of what you might ask. Friends for years, and yet my character is horribly mistaken? I get the blame for being a bad influence to people?

Oh well...I am the bad guy, I am a bad influence... yada bla bla bla...bleh bleh bleh.

2 marks added in Satan's record for being and evil ass! woo hoo!


lone said...

sai hmmm sai at here release ur temper o...

u should know tat ma... if not where got people say "good guy hard to be..."

next time help when really need lo~
:D next time my turn... hehehe

Flo CheChe said...

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! If you really are a bad guy, then why haven't I become a bad person yet hehehehe

Dwinz said...

LOL true...lone 好人难做。。。哈哈哈。。只是要发泄。。。很不负

Che che: I guess I became the bad guy first @.@

Lone said...

aidi see tu say liao no need to tension bout that... =____=

You still needed ma even they dun like much :D

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