Thursday, November 26, 2009

Study Study

Sighs... I just hate exams. When it comes to exams stress level goes up and all the problems comes... you can't sleep, can't eat or the opposite you eat too much. For me I can't really sleep and I ended up sleeping really late.

I have just completed 2 papers and I have another 2 more papers to go. 1 paper on 2nd Dec and the last one on the 4th Dec... still a long way to go before my stress level officially comes down. Sighs...

Sometimes... I just get so tired of studying I just took out the phone and this is what happens... =P




Angel Valerie said...

geez... study la u...

simply Ed said...

knot help it need rest

Flo CheChe said...

your hp camera takes good photos! =)
just a few days to go before and stress will disappear...jia you o! aza aza fighting!!

lone said...

hmmm ur first pic somehow nicely taken...wakakaka

Dun study liao la... go buy a pro camera, go learn shooting la :D
learn from wing's wedding studio... sure make u money mak mak :P

anyway kidding nia, dun stop ur study... it's time to come out liao