Tuesday, July 28, 2009


最近我看了一片新加坡的连续剧,《黄金路》。在戏里女主角说了一句话感动到我。她说“哭也是过一天,笑也是过一天那倒不如笑着过一天” 。





Let me explain the above Chinese post. Recently I have watched a Singaporean drama series called the golden path. There was this character in this series whereby the lady said. Even if I cry the day will still pass, Even when I smile the day will still pass. Might as well I just smile away the worries better than crying everyday making life miserable.

So I sat down and gave it a good thought. How true is this, life could be so much better if we just think positive. No matter what hardship we face, we should always face it with a positive attitude and not cry ourselves out like there is no tomorrow. So I told myself, from today onwards no matter how hard life can be I will try my best to keep smiling and smiling and solve the problem with a positive attitude. In this way I can keep myself looking young too. Haha...vain right?


Angel Valerie said...

hahaha... well, a smile a day keeps the doctor away too sometimes, it doesn't only apply to apples only. dont u agree wth me?

Anonymous said...

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