Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The art of Taking a deep breath and let out and forget

One of the things that I had learnt in life is not to fret and think about things too much. Overdose of thinking about certain things brings so much stress to one's life. Quarrels and conflicts of life do play a part of making life... a bit unbearable.

Different people will have different ways of coping with such situations. As for me I decided to take things easy. Thus, over the years I guess I have mastered the art of taking a deep breath let it out and forget about it and make my life happier and more meaningful. It was really hard at first as there are people who tries hard to make your life miserable and downright unworthy. Some speak ill of you, some look down on you. Nevertheless, I will work hard to forgive for I am a person who doesn't like to look for faults. Just let it be... and well ignore the person.

So my way is to take a deep breath and just forget about it. How about you?

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Flo CheChe said...

One Two Three...SMILEZZZZZZZZ =))))))