Friday, August 1, 2008

Bye Bye....

Today... marks a sad day... this is a special post dedicated to my friends at work.

To Joanna...
We may not know each other well, it has been a short time since we talked but you are a great friend and a great person to be with. Its fun to joke with you and your laughter has certainly cheered all of us lecturers up... well except Menstrual old man for all that matters. Sad to say, I came in late. But in these short times I really enjoyed your existence, I think we can say that you bring the sunshine into the office.

Pretty and sassy Joanna

A song dedicated for Joanna


This section is dedicated to my friends in CES and some of my other close friends.

Stacy, Odelia, Angela, Joanna and Jason, my Cambridge buddies and friends who words only can't describe all of you. Because of all of you my life is so much more different, you made working in Cambridge more fun and lively. Without you guys I dare not imagine what will happen or how would it feel like to be working there. I might be there for a short while but it seems that we have known each other for a long time and I truly thank God for knowing all of you and for bringing you all into my life and be my friends.

My arms

Flo che che, Sam me Bro, Lone and Wing, words alone can't portray what I want to say inside my heart, you guys are like my arms which I can't loose anyone of you for loosing it, I will be disabled for life. You all mean so much to me.

Friends from CES, Sam bro, Flo Che che, Lone and Wing, you all are like my left and right arms loosing anyone means I will be scared and disabled for life. No matter what, we must be BFF and try not to let anything tear us apart.

I am not good at writing but hopefully this works.

Along this journey of life,
I found a lot of friends and saw different people
Some friends are worth keeping and treated like a treasure
Some friends are the people who passed by in my life

It takes time to find a friend that is worth keeping
As life passes by we keep seeking
For, it's easy to make friends
but its never easy to find real friends

This time in life, something magical has happened
Even though it has been a short time
but I felt like I knew you guys long ago
Sharing, joking, teasing and chattering became our pastime

I thank god that I have found you guys
For you are my true friends
As the day comes to an end and its sad to bid goodbyes
You are friends of friends that transcends

- © Edwin 2008-


AyaShi said...

:) lovely poem.. thanks :) huhuhuhu... life in Cambridge has definitely changed :)

simply Ed said...

Welcome he he,,, I hope the poem is not sucky.
Yes... u are there long enough to tell the diff eh... hehehe

flo che che said...

a koala hug for u, my dear bro! HUGS! you mean the same to us as how much u said we mean to u. i'm so happy u have a bunch of wonderful friends at work who can bring lots of laughter and joy to u! to everyone at Cambridge, thanks a zillion!

p/s a koala can hug very very i wish i have a real koala as a pet to keep me warm on a winter morning...btw, there was a small hail this morning wahahahahaha but no snow buhuhuhu

simply Ed said...

hi che. Thank you... koala hug for you too... yes you all mean so much much to meee.....

really hail storm but we have a sun/ heat storm lar lolx....

Serious... quick che go kidnap one koala... hahaha

SoRCièRe dE TeMPs said...

bro.. you cbox banned me from posting cuz i spam too much... -_____-"""""

ayashi said...

sis: kolien :(

simply Ed said...

see see... ask u liao don overdo it... neva listen to me lar... see wot happens... aihh

AyaShi said...

sabarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :/

Angel Valerie said...

wah... super emo entry!

Samuel Goh said...

Wow... Thanks for the poem. And like what Flo said, its great u have a fun bunch of great friends over at your workplace. It is important to have a happy and condusive environment in the workplace. :o) Enjoy your work ya!

SoRCièRe dE TeMPs said...

hey bro, you never told me not to spam too much le. Since when? -___-""
Nvm, can spam liao. They UN-ban me. XP