Monday, June 30, 2008

♪ A New Start.

So much has happened for the passed few months. A wound cut so deep, I truly do not how could I or would I live through it.

Nevertheless its a new start for me. A new chapter of my life begins here. Could I go on? Am I strong enough? No one knows but myself. I have learnt that a person's love is actually so frail and weak or was it the person never intended to truly love me and that is why it was so hard to make the person understand things. Was it because they are so reluctant to commit that is why they think I wanted to change their thinking? Nobody knows only they themselves and the person knows.

I have already put in my effort and I know, maybe to the person I am nothing just another toy for the person to play with. I do not know...maybe you did love me...but you were too afraid? I do not know anymore and I don't want to know anymore.

Here signifies a chapter of my life. Here I will live the fullest of my life. Here I will make a better life for myself. Here I grew up and...Here I say, I truly do not blame you for all that has happened. Here...I start a new life.
Here I go...Edwin is back! Its the new me...a new start...
Let the past be the past and forgotten but learnt

Many thanks to:
  • Sam my bro (love you bro),
  • Sharon (my laopo),
  • Angel (My sweetie & my angel),
  • Yvonne (My darling sister... I love you so much),
  • Vivi (for being such a great friend),
  • Wawa (My wonderful god sis),
  • Kelly (You are an angel *hugs* *muacks* Love you too),
  • Tee Heng (A friend I could never replace),
  • Lone ( Another friend I could never replace).


Samuel Goh said...

Bro! I am happy that you are able to move on and it really took strength to do it. The hurt may take time to heal, but let it be a memory of the past. Learning from it is important but dont look too long behind. Like I always say, chin up, and move on.

Here's to a new chapter in your life! Cheers!

simply Ed said...

Indeed its a new chapter of my life. Chin up and walk on.

Thanks bro for being there for me!

vivi said...

i duno wat i can say to make u feel better..but im always here when u need a frez to talk with..

I cant promise i can comfort u with a word, but i'm listening...

I cant promise i will make u smile, but i'm worried about u...

I canr promise i will be ur true frez forever, but i wish i can ^^V

STAY strong & STAY smart


simply Ed said...

Wah Lao... oi what are you saying vivi... what do you mean cannot be my friend forever...

must ok... we will and forever be friends.
Vice Versa... you know if you have anything you can always look up to me. =)


vivi said... case ma...>.<

vivi said...

yea..i u always can help me to keep all my secret and just listen to me..that's all i need ..and i appreciate.

simply Ed said...

vivi, cannot just in case one. We must have faith in our friendship. choi lar.

yes vivi. Anything just tell me...

charis hui na said...

Good spirit.. When you fall down, take courage to get up and move on:) Jia you!! There is always never ending in learning. I thank God you choose to move on. Right and best choice!! Remember God is always with You. Have faith and trust Him in all circumstances:)