Friday, September 21, 2012


Recently there has been this craze on Marimo. Now what exactly is Marimo? Well Marimo is basically moss ball...YES! Moss Balls... but they aren't just any moss ball they are really cute moss balls! 

Basically one can find Marimo in Lake Akan in Japan and also in Greenland if I am not mistaken but the ones in Lake Akan is far more popular. 

Junior and Baby

I was never actually that fascinated with Marimo until one find day, this nifty shop called 100 yen started to sell them in their shop. Initially I didn't give a 2 hoots about em. But the more I look at it the more it melts my heart! It's so round and it looks soooo pretty in the bottle. Next I know I fell for it!

They look so pweety!

I got myself a junior Marimo and a Nano Marimo. Basically Nano Marimo is like baby marimo, mind you they are living organisms! I even name them! Junior is Big M and the small one is called Small M (Literal translation from Chinese). Well I would call them Junior and Baby for English. =P

Keeping Marimo is pretty simple. 
  1. Don't put it under direct sunlight
  2. For places with hot weather change the water weekly or every fortnightly, or necessary when water is murky
  3. Don't squeeze your marimo too hard or you will end up with green fur!

Basically, they are not cheap but they make good 'pets' and it is said they bring luck and wealth too! 


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