Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gastronomía de Kuching - Singapore Delights @ Lee Coffee Shop (Stutong)

Good Food is all around, you just need to hunt them down. Kuching is a city with a lot of places to pig out but where exactly are the best places to dig in? Well here I am here helping out a bit by seeking out places with good food in Kuching.

Singapore is only an hours plus flight time away from Kuching and the funny thing is we can get all sorts of food down here in Kuching but it is hard to find Singaporean dishes down here, namely 'Mee Siam' and delicious 'Chwee Kueh' (Steamed Rice Flour cakes). The later is more easily found in Kuching but good ones are extremely rare.

Lee's Coffee Shop @ Stutong

What is Mee Siam and Chwee Kueh? Mee Siam is a local dish of Singapore and Malaysia. Basically Mee Siam or "Siamese noodles" is actually a dish consisting of thin rice vermicelli and topped with prawns and eggs and coated with a sweet, sourish and spicy gravy. This dish can be very addictive and appetizing. 

Delicious Mee Siam

Fancy a bite?

'Chwee Kueh' or "steamed rice cake" are basically rice flour mix with water and steamed and it is usually topped with Chinese preserved turnip.

Chwee Kueh!

Really good combination of Sauteed preserved turnips and rice flour base!

So where exactly can we find good Singaporean dishes in Kuching? Well let me bring you guys to this place. Lee Coffee Shop @ Stutong has this stall that sells authentic Singaporean dishes.  Her 'Mee Siam' and 'Chwee Kueh' is out of this world! Her name is Aunt Lucy and she is a Singaporean married to a local here. Her 'Chwee Kueh' is soft and tender and basically it just melts in your mouth, the sauteed preserved turnips are really fragrant and goes really well with the soft steamed rice flour base. Her 'Mee Siam' has really good sourish not sweet and spicy gravy topped with generous amount of prawns and sliced eggs, the vermicelli is not too soft leaving it with a 'springy' texture. The oyster pancake is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside which is really good it tastes somewhat like fried yam cakes that we have down here and the scallions brings the taste of the dish up another notch. 

Oyster pancake

Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside

Her stall doesn't only sell 'Mee Siam' and 'Chwee Kueh' but there are also oyster pancake (Sg style) and Hokkien Mee. All of the dishes are equally good. But one should take note the 'Chwee Kueh' is only sold during morning and Mondays are off days. Occasionally she is closed, so it depends on luck. 'Mee Siam' are sold on public holidays and weekends only. Oyster pancake are sold evening hours and weekends. 

So wait no more and pop over this weekend to have a taste of it!


Nick said...

The chwee kueh does have the tender texture look. How is the oyster pancake differ from other oyster pancake?

Dwinz said...

a bit like char kueh

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