Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Job in the Process? Can I get it?

A New job? Can I do it? Can I get it?

Recently, I decided that I need a job change. I have been working as a part-time tutor in the current tuition center for three wonderful years. Recently, it is starting to get dull and my payment has been deducted. Rules changed and its not favoring me.

One of the choices that I gave myself was that I would try and do home tutoring but in order to do home tutoring I need to have students coming in and also I need to get permission from my mother to conduct tuition classes at home.

I did not really went job hunting. Alas, an opportunity came up soon. A Language Centre not far from my house are hiring. They seem to be a pretty established company with their main branch in Singapore. The company is called CES group. I decided to give it a go and called them. They asked me to go over and fill in their application form and so I did it. A few days later they called me up for an interview which was this morning. I was feeling nervous about it and was afraid that I would screw up and I wanted to present myself in the best way possible.

The guy who interviewed me was kind and friendly. So eventually all my anxiety disappeared. He then explained to be about the company and the many different branches they have globally. I also learnt that they wanted full time English instructors and again. I decided to give it a go. He arranged for a trial class for me to assess my performance. They gave me some materials to prepare. Hopefully, and hopefully I will not screw up.

Wish me luck

RWMF 2008

For those out there who have not heard about the Rain Forest World Music Festival... click here.

RWMF is held once a year and this year I decided to pay it a little visit and it ended up wanted more and more! It was fun, crazy and lots and lots of fun!

I am planning another trip again next year. Yeah!

I will blog about the RWMF in my next post so stay tune.


After visiting the RWMF at the Sarawak Cultural Village it has brought so much painful memories, you left so many trials which makes it hard for me to forget.

The pain is still eating me from the inside...


I realised that in life we cannot rely on a person too much. We have to try to be independent because that person has his or her own life too. We can never expect them to entertain us all the time . They have their own life to live and their own love ones.

It will be selfish for me to ask so much and ask them to pay attention to pathetic me. NO! I will not do that! I will live my own pathetic life and not get anyone involved!

Scarred for Life....

You are the biggest mistake I had every made in my life. It was the mistake that was good and bad at the same time. You had taught me so much about life and love. You taught me how to love.

I am sorry and at the same time thankful to have known you. The pain you caused me is unbearable. The cut you left in my heart is deep and it has been bleeding ever since. I tried to patch it up, but everytime when I see images of you the wound reopens... I thought I was ready to forget but it seems that I am not even close to being ready. This shall be one thing that is hard for me to forget.

I am scarred for life.....


FloJ said...

Go for it, bro! But you said it is a full time job eh. Must juggle between work and studies properly o! I know you can do that just like how you have done so perfectly all this while =) Good luck, my bro!! Do keep me updated about it o!! If you need any help, just let me know ^^ All the best!!

Samuel Goh said...

Yo bro... When is your mock lecture? All the best yea. Put on a good show and knock 'em down! :o)

simply Ed said...

floj: YA...hopefully I can juggle it well... a new life begins... hope everything will be better... =)

sure I will thx che

Sam: This thurs.

Angel Valerie said...

i'll always be praying for u. dont worry about any other things n just give them ur best performance ever.

experience is not always a bed of roses, just like life but it's all dependent on us on how we are going to treat it.

ed, everything WILL be better, believe me. u still have all of us here, to support u! believe in urself that u can make this lifetime a meaningful one.

lone said...

hmm good thing~ good start~ just hope u able to do good on that

Good luck thn...

Err... one issue here, still keeping the thing she love? i think u should start to cover up her face in case u wan to really walk out from her life.

it's end of that isn't it? as what u have done to ur blog, this is a new life new journey, stop look back on the road that once hurt ur leg(gee~ what m i talking bout)

k la~ good luck for ur work

simply Ed said...

Angel: Thanks sweetie. Hugs.

Lone: I am hoping it will be a good start. Sighs...

All new life