Thursday, July 17, 2008

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!


YES! HA HA! I am so happy...delighted! In the previous post I had mentioned that I was looking for a new job and I went for an interview. Today was judgment day.... as I was going to have a trial class or mock lecture. So today Bryan the person who interviewed me came into the class to evaluate me. Half way through the class he went out. I was partly nervous, for I did not know how did I do.

The students are very naughty, or so to say. But they are ok and a really fun bunch. They understood what I was trying to to teach them and they pretty good and I am happy with it.

As the first class ended and was getting ready for the next class. Bryan came up to me and asked me to see him in the meeting room. My hard was beating at a 100 per minute. I was nervous and did not know what was going to happen. To put it bluntly I would have thought I screwed up. But he smiled and said he was happy with my performance and I had the confidence in me and I am truly experienced. He was happy with my performance and he decided to increase my pay and I am to start work on the 21st!

I believe this marks another new chapter in my life. Be gone with the old and here comes the new! Again another new chapter in my life. I am delighted and excited about my new job. Tomorrow I will be attending a short course and signing the contract and receiving the letter of offer.

Wish me luck and here comes the new Ed!!


Small thoughts:
When I was teaching I totally forgot about you. When I am back home you came back into my mind. You just do not know how much you meant to me. Even though you said you know, I highly doubt you truly understand.

I wanted to share this good news with you. It is so sad that I could not anymore. Wish you all the best...


Samuel Goh said...

What great news Bro! Congrats! Indeed, another chapter of your life opens. :o) Do your best and next, be the employee of the year!

Once again, congrats and cheers!

simply Ed said...

........bro you are suppose to be in BED!

anyways thanks! hugs!

Bert said...

wat sort of "bed" do you mean? ;p anyway... congratulations! have fun working eh? i'm sure u will.. since u're so looking forward to it.

FloJ said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! \0/\0/\0/\0/\0/

Hipp hipp hurrayyyyyy!!!!! Congratz, my dear bro! Well done! All the best and good luck with the new job!! I'm so proud of you!

p/s if they are still short of another tutor, let me know when i go back kekekekekeke

Angel Valerie said...

well done.

i knew u'd get it so, i went present-hunting for u yesterday to give u more motivation. haha... that's another story.

do well in ur new job, okies?

simply Ed said...

Bert: WAKAKAKA FIRST TIME! i see you post a comment in my blog! Thank you thank you~~Yes I am hahaha

floj: Che Che~~~~!!!! hugs hugs! miss you so much! thanks che! I got it because of all the support you all gave me. Thank you all very very very much

Angel: Sweetie~~! eh eh can hint hint what present is it? hint lar... wakkaaka

Thanks for the support you have given to me

FloJ said...

bro, u got it because of your hard work and perseverance =) well done, bro!! miss u heaps too!!

lone said...

hmmm.... as aspect, u really have that job in ur hand

congrats, anyway there is still things u still have let it go~ oh well one at a time lah~

great u got the job... seems like it's a bright start. keep it up!